How Can You Become Richer Than Your Favourite Stars?

Do you look at the lifestyles of your favorite superstar and get jealous? They travel in luxurious cars, wear branded upmarket clothes, and take vacations at exotic locations. Do you also want to live such a life? Do you want to become richer than them?

The fact is that they worked hard for what they have achieved today. They were not served success on a golden platter. To become the biggest winner, you will have to work hard and be patient. It is all about time.

Once you buy the tickets, you have to wait. As soon as you win the jackpot, you can live a better lifestyle than your favorite celebrities. Do you want to live a life king size without any complaints? Then follow the below-mentioned steps to get through.

Become Richer Than Your Favourite Stars
Become Richer Than Your Favourite Stars

Learn from the biggest Indian lottery winner

The biggest Indian lottery winner is Ashok Patel, who won $ 1 million — nearly Rs. 8 crores — from the lottery. This was the largest jackpot ever won in India. He made the right decision to invest money in Mumbai itself.

This is the trait found in those who want to become rich. Even when you want to become the richest in the world, you need to learn an attitude. You can not just spend the entire amount in fulfilling your rather materialistic dreams.

Investments play an important role in making you rich, so you need to learn how to multiply the money that you have. That is why there is a huge difference in expenditure and investment.

Generate income from two sources

One thing that most rich people do is that they never depend upon one source of income. The profits they make from one business, they invest in another. Most rich people have multiple businesses.

This is because they know that it is imperative to balance the profits and losses with several businesses to eliminate the chance of bankruptcy. It is all about playing smartly in the market.

Self-made millionaires often say that it is all about the right time and the right opportunity. Whenever you see a good investment plan, grab it and move ahead with it without putting much thought.

Know how to build relationships

In every rich person in the world who you admire, you will find that he or she is very good at building relationships.

  • Relationships benefit a lot in the long term; it is not just about favors but also loyalty to a few people.
  • When rich people surround you, you will get to hear their ideas and plans, helping you move ahead in the market.
  • Being in the company of successful people can teach you several strategies which you might miss otherwise.
  • Building healthy relationships with wealthy people will be fruitful because you can use friendship to get favors later.

Make savings for investment

People often tend to save and then spend all their money on doing things extravagantly. This is because their attitude is towards gaining short term pleasures. If you save your money today, it can multiply in the future.

Thus, you need to identify which drives are suitable for investment. Once you have made all the savings, it is time to invest. However, do not invest the money just for the sake of it.

Design a good investment plan that is of your interest and see the rates of return. If the returns are good, make the investment and when you get profits from it, invest it in other sources. That’s how money multiplies, and you become rich.

Make finances automated

One person can not handle it all when his or her finances have become big. When the investments become considerable, it becomes impossible for one person to manage it all. Today in the world of digitization, most economies use automated transactions.

You can not keep a log of all your payments and receipts with the bank account. Hence, it is a better option to get finances automated. It not only saves time but also makes stress free.

Take decisions carefully

When you start getting rich, you need to know how to make decisions wisely. You may end up in trouble with a small wrong decision.

As the horizons expand, you will also have to expand your visibility to see things from a wider perspective. Even when you take the smallest decision in your business, it can result in loss.


If you want to become richer than your favorite stars, you need to work harder and smarter than them. No dream is too big. If you dare to see a plan, you can also fulfill it.

With all the above tips and tricks, you will be able to change your attitude towards managing money in a better way. Multiplication of money and investment are two factors that can make you the richest.

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