Dus ka Dum 2018 Questions List asked in previous Shows by Salman Khan

Sony TV intends to restart the reality show Dus Ka Dum once again. It will be the 3rd Season of Dus Ka Dum Show. Salman Khan Will is the host of this Show as like previous seasons. The auditions will start after the registration of the candidates. All the participants can register themselves through online mode or by Sony LIV app. Those candidates who will register for the audition need to prepare for the quiz. Here we are providing the entire question to increase your knowledge. All the candidates can get the entire quiz below.

dus ka dum 2018 questions
Dus ka Dum 2018 Questions List asked in previous Shows by Salman Khan

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your age?
  3. What is your marital status?
  4. What is your occupation?
  5. Did you go to school/college?
  6. Do you work and earn money?
  7. Are you graduate?
  8. Do you have a child/children?
  9. Do you have a facebook a/c?
  10. Do you use whatsapp?
  11. Do you ride a two-wheeler?
  12. Do you drive a car?
  13. Do you have siblings?
  14. Do you stay a joint family?
  15. Do you have a pet cat or a dog?
  16. Are you a vegetarian?
  17. Have you ever hugged your father?
  18. Has your father ever given you a bath in your childhood?
  19. Did you give your first salary to your parents?
  20. Do you touch your elder brother’s feet in respect?

Leval 2


  1. Have you ever withdrawn cash from an ATM?
  2. Did you learn to cook from your mother?
  3. Do you use led bulbs in your house?
  4. Do you have a habit of making a list before going shopping for household items?
  5. What do you do to control your anger?
  6. Have you ever taken a spoken english course?
  7. Do you prefer takinf money from a moneylender as opposed to a bank?
  8. Have you ever taken an educatoin lane?
  9. Have you ever gotten a beating from your parents in your childhood?
  10. Are you scared of taking an injectoin?
  11. Do you clean the toilet in your house yourself?
  12. Have you ever seen a sea/ocean?
  13. Have you ever lied?
  14. Have you ever watched a film in a theatre?
  15. Have you ever danced in a baraat?
  16. Have you ever cut cake on your birthday?
  17. Have you ever read any story/noval written by munshi remchand?
  18. Have you ever raised your hand on anyone in anger?
  19. Have you ever bought anything on emi?
  20. Have you ever oiled your hair in the last one year?

Leval 3

  1. Have you sent a hand-written letter to a loved one in the last one year?
  2. Have you ever used a landline telephone in the last one year?
  3. Do you consider yourself beautiful/handsome?
  4. Do you think that only only the earning members are respected in your your family?
  5. Have you ever spoken to your neighbours?
  6. Do you get news of your neighbourhood from your domestic helf?
  7. Have your ever complained to the police about your troublesome neighbour?
  8. Have ever had a meal at your neighbour’s house?
  9. Do you always carry somthing that belonged to your ancestor, in his/her memory?
  10. Do you suck your tummy in while being photographed?
  11. Whose call do you always answer?
  12. Your first moblie phone?
  13. Do you agree with this saying, ek baar shaadi ho jaye toh ladka kamaane bhi lagega?
  14. Dou you agree with the saying, kheloge-koodoge banoge kharaab, padhoge-likhoge banoge nawab?
  15. Do you believe that ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost ho sakte?
  16. You mainly get your news from?
  17. Do you keep a fast at least once a week?
  18. Do you have the habit of skipping meals when angry?
  19. Have you ever passed on a gift that you didn’t like to someone else?
  20. Do you have a credit facility to buy your monthly? groceries from your neighbourhood store?

Leval 4

  1. Do you have a habit of carrying your cloth bag when you go shopping for household items?
  2. Do you dance only when you are alone?
  3. Do you think that after marriage, its better for a couple to have an indepent household?
  4. Have you ever drunk water out of a well?
  5. Do you think you have the unique art of sueezing out the last bit toothpaste from the tube?
  6. Whwn in stress, what do you do?
  7. Have you kept your tight clothes in the hope of fitting into them someday?
  8. Do you swith off the main regulator of the gas cylinder before leaving home?
  9. Do you have a habit of writing with a fountain pen?
  10. Has your luggage ever been stolen during a journey?
  11. Have you ever travelled to a foreign country?
  12. Have you ever taken a flight?
  13. Have you ever travelled in a bus or a train withhout a ticket?
  14. Do you believe that your locality is safe for women and children?
  15. Do you believe that women should priorritize their home over their careers?
  16. Have you always lived in a flat?
  17. Do you use an earthen utensil (matka) to store water at home?
  18. Do you get impressed by people who speak in english?
  19. Do you speak in your mother tongue at home?
  20. Do you know the hindi alphabetical sequence by heart?

Leval 5

  1. In your chuldhood, has your mother ever threatened you with the phrase”…. Papa ko aane do?
  2. Have you ever taken your parents on a holiday or a religious tour?
  3. Do you occasionally rest your head on your mother’s lap?
  4. Whose photograph do you always v carry in your purse?
  5. Do you stand up when your father walks in?
  6. Who according to you is thr best indian criket team captain so far?
  7. Which of these ipl winners is your favorite?
  8. Do you believe that virat kohli will break all thr records of sachin tendulkar?
  9. Do you think that there has been no batsman on the planet who could match up to sachin tendulkar?
  10. Have you ever played cricket?
  11. Do you believe that the current indian cricket team india has ever had?
  12. Have you stopped waching criket because sachin tendulkar retired?
  13. Do you have a birth mark?
  14. Have you ever lied in a job interview?
  15. Did your parents ever stay awake at night with you during your exams?
  16. How often do you visit a beauty parlour/salon?
  17. Have you ever been scolded by the police for romanching in public?
  18. Did you start dieting as soon as your wedding date was fixed?
  19. Have you ever bought sanitary pads from a shop?
  20. Have you ever broken anything in a fit of rage?
  21. Have you ever visited taj mahal?
  22. What do you think is the biggest challenge the country is facing?
  23. Does your neighbour have a habit of borrowing suger, tea etc. From you?
  24. Have you ever gone on a family picnic?

Leval 6

  1. Do you speak to your parents every day, no matter where you are?
  2. Do you pout while clicking a selfie?
  3. Do you have a habit of using the remaining pieces of the soap by sticking it to a new one?
  4. Do you listen to music to uplift your mood?
  5. Do you have a habit or an umbralla during the monsoons?
  6. Do you have a habit of sleeping without a pillow?
  7. Do you always bathe before breakfast?
  8. Have you ever tried clothes in the trial room just to take a selfie?
  9. Have you ever fallen asleep while standing in a bus or a train?
  10. Have you ever missed a train because you overslept?
  11. Have you crossed a railway track in order to catch a train?
  12. Do you use jaggery instead of suger at home watching?
  13. Where do you sleep?
  14. What do you eat your meal out of?
  15. Which type of toilet do you have at home?
  16. Do you have separate utensils for cooking vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes?
  17. Do you like the smell of the soil after the first rains?
  18. During the last ipl, where did you watch the maximum number of live mathes?
  19. Did you start criket only because of ipl?
  20. Have you had to leave your home town to make a living?
  21. Do you feel it is crucial to know english to get a job?

Leval 7

  1. Have you ever filed a report on a crime committed against you, even though you didn’t want to get involved in a police case?
  2. In your opinion, which actress does not need a hero to make a film successful?
  3. Who do you think is the most taleted young actress?
  4. Who do you think is the most handsome actor?
  5. Have you ever fallen asleep while watching a salman khan movie in a theatre?
  6. Do you believe in god?
  7. Do you have a habit of eating breakfast with your family?
  8. Do you have dinner with your family every day?
  9. Do you have a bank account?
  10. Do you think arranged marriages are more successful than love marriages?
  11. Have you ever played hide-and-seek in your childhood?
  12. Have you read religious book(s)?
  13. Do you bathe in cold water even in winters?
  14. Do you exercise every day?
  15. Have you ever taken a dip in the ganges?
  16. Have you ever consumed tobacoo/alcohal, and/or smoked a cigarette?
  17. Have you ever listened to any song sung by kishore kumar?
  18. Do you believe that television reality shows are scripted?
  19. Amongst these khans, whose movise do you never miss?

Leval 8

  1. Do you feel that salman khan should get married?
  2. Do you suspect that salman khan is already married?
  3. Have you ever seen a salman khan film?
  4. Have you seen all of salman khan’s movies?
  5. Do you think salman khan will ever get married?
  6. Do you watch a new movie only when it remieres on television?
  7. Which amongst these tv shows are you eagerly waiting for?
  8. Have you seen any tv soap in thr last one year?
  9. In your house, have you placed the tv in a way that it can also be watched from the kitchen?
  10. How did you come to know about the stories of ramayana/mahabharata?
  11. Do you feel that you need to shift outside your city to earn money?
  12. Have you ever tried looking for a job in any foreign contury?
  13. Do you start any auspicious work during rahu kaal?
  14. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  15. Have you ever visited an astrloger?
  16. Have you ever seen a firefly?
  17. Have you ever stolen money from your father’s or mother’s purse?
  18. Have you ever cooked for your mother?
  19. Do you think women should get a leave from office on the first day of their periods?
  20. Have you ever cheated in an exam?

Level 9

  1. Did/do you have a habit of writing a religious symbol on top of your exam sheet?
  2. Has any of your morning dreams ever come true
  3. While sleeping, do you always avoid placing your head towards the north?
  4. Do you believe that humans have evolved from apes?
  5. Do you believe in rebirth?
  6. Did you hear a frog crock during the last mansoon?
  7. Do you have 24/7 water supply throughout the year?
  8. During a financial crisis, was it only your family who helped you?
  9. Has your father ever fed you?
  10. Do your parents still treat you like a child?
  11. Are mobile phone banned during meals in your house?
  12. How often do you go to beauty parlour/salon to get a facial?
  13. Do you use fairness cream?
  14. Have you ever lost money in a scam?
  15. Are you the one who takes decisions regarding your household budget?

Leval 10

  1. Have you ever taken a lone against jewellery?
  2. You have a habit of having dinner?
  3. Is non-vegetarian food cooked at your home every day?
  4. Do you have a habit of eating something sweet after every meal?
  5. In spite of being full, do you eat the left-over food just so that it doesn’t go waste?
  6. Have you given up non-vegetarian food?
  7. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
  8. Have you ever been heartbroken in love?
  9. Do you belives that true love happens only once?
  10. Have you fallen in love only once?
  11. Have you preserved the old audio cassettes of your favourite songs?
  12. Have you ever rented a vcr to watch a film?
  13. Have you ever taken a family picture in a photo studio?
  14. Can you stitch clothes on a sewing machine?
  15. On what basis do you vote for a candidate in an electoin?
  16. Did you gamble on the night of the last diwali?
  17. Have you ever eaten at a langar in a gurudwara?
  18. Do you celebrate festivals of other religions?
  19. Did you stay home last holi to aviod colours?
  20. Have you ever played holi?

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